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Antenna Mounting solutions

Quick and easy element mounting clips and boom to supporting pole solutions for the Radio Amateur.

Corbie-Clips are made from RF safe UV stabilized recycled plastic and are strong and will last for years.

                        Coming Soon

Corbie-Clamps are a quick and easy mounting system for mounting square or round booms to support poles for portable use.

CORBIE CLIPS Antenna Mounting solutions

Having been an Amateur radio operator since the early 70's Ive built many VHF/UHF antenna and through that experience I think Ive gained a wide knowledge of building and using Yagi antenna which I hope to share through this web site.

We have all made things that we thought were a real cool idea and this site is a way for me to share mine with you.

These "things" take time and materials to make and that's why I charge for them.  Im not here to make my fortune but it all helps.

If you have something you think would be useful to the Ham radio community but you don't have the tools of facilities to make it in number go to the Contact Us page get in contact.

I hope you like whats on offer here and thanks for dropping by.


Roger Corbett ZL3RC 

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